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Overview - Top 5 Best VPN Review


ZenMate is a Germany-based VPN service that provides secure tunneling and safe browsing across all devices. The company has only been around since 2014 but has gone from strength to strength to deliver a VPN service that can compete with the big guns. It’s still growing as a company but already offers a pretty impressive service with advanced security features. ZenMate offers two packages, including a free service and premium service.

  • 1,000 high-speed VPN servers
  • Works across mobile devices
  • Fast connection speeds
  • Simple setup and configuration
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Features - Top 5 Best VPN Review


This zero-logs privacy-oriented VPN provider varies in features depending on the package you pick. The free service is only a browser add-on and does not offer many features, while the premium service has all the essential features you need to enjoy a secure connection against threats. The simple browser add-on has been built to solely protect user’s privacy across desktop and mobile.

Servers in 23 countries

ZenMate has 24 different servers in 23 countries. They may not be able to compete with the server count of some other popular VPN providers but they do have their servers located in the key locations around the globe and their server count is expected to grow in the future.

Unmetered bandwidth

The high-speed servers provide enough internet juice to enjoy a speedy service, allowing users to partake in streaming HD video and music from services like Netflix, HBO Go and Spotify.

Comprehensive browser compatibility

ZenMate is currently available for three different internet browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera as well as other desktop browsers on the Chromium Open Source Browser Project – SRWare Iron, Chromium and Comodo Dragon.

Mobile Compatibility

ZenMate has iOS and Android Apps available, and this one provides a classic VPN connection using IPsec.

Privacy and Security - Top 5 Best VPN Review

Privacy and Security

ZenMate is very efficient and reliable when it comes to security, its secure service is achieved through using a TLS 1.2 (RFC 5245) protocol with 128-bit AES-GCM encryption, RSA handshaking, and robust SHA 256 used for authentication with PFS. They do keep connection logs but this is only on an ad-hoc basis per server.

Since P2P isn’t noted as secure or recommended, if you’re a keen torrent downloader then it would be best to chase support about the privacy on this. Furthermore, they have said that they temporarily store the user’s IP address to prevent attacks against ZenMate.

What’s more, since ZenMate is based in Germany it leaves them open to some strange laws under the Data Retention Directive (DRD) and there is a catch-22 approach to exporting surveillance tech to other nations. This is why many other VPN providers don’t set up shop in Germany, as these unfavorable security issues can leave people on edge about their VPN activity.

Pricing - Top 5 Best VPN Review


You can enjoy ZenMate through the browser add-on VPN but that service is stripped bare compared to the other VPN packages they offer. The monthly payment is $8.99 but a six-month commitment will drop it down to $7.50 per month and a year will take it to $5.

ZenMate accepts all major credit cards, as well as UnionPay, PayPal, and Bitcoin. If you’re looking to stay completely anonymous then the Bitcoin payment option would be ideal. ZenMate also offers a seven-day free premium trial that gives full access to all premium features for one week!

Speed - Top 5 Best VPN Review


ZenMate delivers stable speeds without drag or buffering. Users can enjoy speed-hungry streaming on Netflix and fast-loading times on YouTube. The speed was consistent, with speeds usually hitting between 20 Mbps and 70 Mbps. The speeds run smoothly with multiple tabs open including YouTube, music streaming and file download all at the same time.

Ease of use - Top 5 Best VPN Review

Ease of Use

ZenMate is easy to use right from the get-go. The signing-up process is speedy, if users want the free version they only need to download the extension relevant to their browser. The browser is always encrypted when the plugin is turned on, and the location is selected automatically based on the user’s location. However this can be changed pretty easily. If you want to commit to the paid package then you just need to provide email, password and billing information. Everything is displayed clearly and streamlined to get the user to the right place. The website is very clear about what you get and the breakdown of information is easy to digest.

Customer Support - Top 5 Best VPN Review

Customer Support

ZenMate’s customer support service is a little limited compared to other VPN providers. ZenMate only offers help through email, although users can expect a quick and helpful response. What’s more, the set up guides and knowledgebase provide clear-cut information and help answer any questions you may have. The info is easy to follow and doesn’t overwhelm in detail. ZenMate likes to keep active on its social media platforms so users can stay up to date with the latest offers and information on Twitter or Facebook.

Verdict - Top 5 Best VPN Review


ZenMate does everything you need it to do and offers a high level of online security. ZenMate does impress. It is one of the most efficient VPN providers on the market with reliable, lightweight software and brilliant online protection from any pesky threats.

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  • Robert Heard

    I am in Western Canada, my ISP is Xplonet satellite service 10MBS a long ping interval of750ms Can you provide an unblocking service so I can receive US Netflix? If so what is your policy regarding fees if Netflix turns out smarter than you and blocs successfully?


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ZenMate Review


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