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Best VPNs for March 2019  

  • VPN providers with servers across the globe
  • Fastest VPNs ideal for HD/4K streaming
  • Safe and secure WiFi hotspot access
  • Top-of-the-line data protection with guaranteed privacy and encryption

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Best VPNs March 2019

Best VPNs March 2019

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  • 1
    ExpressVPN - Top 5 VPN
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    Best deal: 12 months + 3 months FREE
    • #1 leading VPN for fast streaming and privacy
    • Connect to over 94 countries
    • Ultra secure – 256-bit AES encryption
    • High speed streaming for tons of apps
    • 30-day money-back guarantee & 24/7 support
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  • 2
    Best value for money
    SurfShark - Top 5 VPN
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    Protects privacy & blocks malware and ads
    • Ultra-fast speeds
    • 500+ servers in over 50 countries
    • Unlimited simultaneous connections
    • Strict no-logs policy
    • Ultra-fast speeds
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    Our Score
  • 3
    CyberGhostVPN - Top 5 VPN
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    Support 7 devices simultaneously
    • Ultra-fast streaming
    • More than 2800 servers
    • 45-day money-back-guarantee
    • Secure access to global content
    • 45-day money-back guarantee
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    Our Score
  • 4
    NordVPN - Top 5 VPN
    Rate It!
    Access over 5200 servers & 99.99% Uptime
    • Connect up to 6 devices simultaneously
    • 30-day no hassle money-back guarantee
    • 24/7 live chat and email support
    • Browse the internet with total privacy
    • 30-day money-back-guarantee
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    Our Score
  • 5
    HotSpot Shield - Top 5 VPN
    Rate It!
    Fastest VPN for streaming & browsing
    • Unlimited bandwidth on over 2,500 global servers
    • Military-grade encryption and no logs
    • 45-day money-back guarantee
    • Excellent user interface
    • Free cancellation policy
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    Our Score
  • 6
    IPVanish - Top 5 VPN
    Rate It!
    Fast downloading speeds
    • Connect securely to 61 countries
    • Strict zero-logs policy
    • 7-day money-back guarantee
    • Quick and easy set up
    • Simple solution for Internet privacy
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    Our Score

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Choosing the Best VPN for Your Needs

What is a VPN and Why Do You Need One

A virtual private network, more commonly known as a VPN, allows you to perform any online activity without compromising your personal information and data. If you are looking for the best VPN in 2018, then you have come to the right place. There are many uses for a VPN, including security, streaming TV, movies, and music, watching sports, and much more. Since we are always connected to the Internet these days, via desktop computer or mobile device, business and private individuals are increasingly looking to VPN services to secure their devices.

How a VPN Works

A VPN allows a user to securely access private networks with complete peace of mind. Whether you want a VPN in a country like South Africa for example, or in any other country, in the modern age, everything is possible. It has similarities to a firewall, except that a VPN disguises your IP address, so you are untraceable. By changing your IP address a top VPN like IPVanish ensures that if anyone is spying on you, they will not see your correct geographic location. VPNs use a combination of encryption protocols and dedicated connections; therefore, even if a hacker tries to access some of your data, they would be unable to read due to it being encrypted. With this level of encryption and security, you can always be sure that you are browsing anonymously with your VPN.

There are different levels of security protocols, each with its own level of security and features. Some of the most common are IPSec, L2TP, IKEv2, OpenVPN, and PPTP. OpenVPN is a newer technology, but it is highly configurable and easily bypasses firewalls in any country. L2TP isn’t capable of encryption; it instead creates a tunnel, and it should be paired with IPSec, which takes care of encryption. PPTP is a protocol that has been around since the mid-1990s, but because it does not encrypt, you will want to be sure to use another protocol with it that covers encryption. IKEv2 is an IPSec-based tunneling protocol that will reestablish a VPN connection if a user temporarily loses Internet connection. 

VPNs for Streaming TV and Movies

Along with securing your private information and activity online, a VPN for home is a great way to stream your favorite TV shows and movies. When using a VPN, you can be sure that your online activity is secure and private, so you can simply enjoy your TV show or movie. Be sure to choose the best home VPN for your needs, such as one that works well with Windows, to help make movie and TV show streaming a possibility for you.  

VPNs for Secure Torrenting

Torrenting has also become one of the main forms of sharing files online. If you are looking for a quick VPN download for this purpose, then you have come to the right place. Torrenting itself is not inherently illegal, but it is important to check for the copyright holder’s consent before you use your VPN windows to download. In order to torrent without sharing your IP address, you can use one of the top VPNs like IPvanish for secure torrenting. You no longer have to lose sleep worrying that the government is snooping on your torrenting activity. It’s not at all difficult to look for a VPN for windows; just take a look at our pick of the best VPN for torrenting. You can find VPNs for the Ukraine, USA, UK, or almost any other country. 

VPNs for Music Streaming

Music streaming is one of the most common ways people consume music. The number of great streaming apps has grown in recent years, with popular options like Spotify, Pandora, Google Play, Apple Music, and Amazon Music. 

If you are listening to music with one of these streaming apps, you are most likely using a mobile device. When choosing a top VPN like Ipvanish or VPN express, you will want to be sure that your premium VPN service also offers coverage for mobile and if you are a Windows user, make sure you go for a VPN for windows. A mobile VPN will cover you on the go, so you never have to worry about your online privacy, whether you’re on your desktop computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Watch Sports with a VPN

Do you want to watch your favorite sports teams? A VPN for streaming sports is your solution. When using a VPN network like VPN Master for streaming sports, you will want to make sure that the transfer of data is high speed; only the best VPN services can ensure that. This way, you avoid having a glitchy viewing experience using your VPN. The speed of your VPN shouldn’t drop below 15-20% in order to avoid delays due to buffering. We will help you decide which VPN work best for you in order to watch your favorite sports games.

Choosing a VPN - Unlimited Privacy and Security

Before you decide which best home VPN network client you want to download and install on your device, take some time to ask yourself a few questions, the most important of them being “what exactly do you need the VPN for?” For example, do you want a VPN for your Windows computer? Regardless of the platform or firmware that your devices operate on, certain aspects of a VPN are critical and should be considered before making the purchase. Regardless of why you need a VPN, unlimited access to all the Internet has to offer is of top importance when making your decision. With a VPN like Express VPN or NordVPN, you will be able to surf securely and privately. There are a number of features you might want from a VPN - unlimited number of devices, fast surfing speeds, Android and iOS apps, major VPN protocols. All are important in choosing the right VPN for you. Check out our guide to choosing the right unlimited VPN for your needs to help you decide which of the best VPNs in 2018 is right for you. 

Our VPN experts
Andrew Marsden is an experienced IT consultant who specializes in internet security.
Maria Novak, our senior reviewer, explains complex security topics in an approachable way.
Dilip Prashad is a tech journalist with a deep understanding of online privacy and security.
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