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Overview - Top 5 Best VPN Review


SaferVPN has been around since 2013 and has grown ever since. Now SaferVPN stands out as one of the most popular VPN providers on the web, its professional interface, easy navigation and wide range of servers gives the everyday internet user a simple VPN solution. This service offers good connection speeds and protected customer data.

  • 400+ premium VPN servers in over 30 countries
  • Easy setup and configuration
  • Automatic Wi-Fi security
  • 24/7 customer support via live chat and email support
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Features - Top 5 Best VPN Review


SaferVPN is a well suited Virtual Private Network for those who want to access restricted content. You can expect complete anonymity online with encrypted connectivity across all devices so you can browse the web with complete peace of mind. Furthermore, it is a breeze to set up, so perfect for the new VPN user!

Unlimited bandwidth and speed

This VPN service delivers unlimited bandwidth, so you can enjoy as much streaming and high intensity internet browsing without compromising on speed and performance.

Device compatibility

SaferVPN supports Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Mac OSX, Android and Linux Ubuntu. It also supports your mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone, Windows Phone 8.1, Chromebook, DD-WRT routers and Tomato routers.

Unrivalled security

SaferVPN does not record the user’s internet activity and history. There is no logging of data besides the time you connect to, and disconnect from, the VPN service, the IP address used and the bandwidth used.

Multiple protocols

The VPN provider ensures access to OpenVPN (256-bit encryption), L2TP over IPSec (256-bit encryption) and PPTP (128-bit encryption) protocols.

14-day money back guarantee

This service offers customers a 14-day money back guarantee on their subscription payments. So unsatisfied customers can grab a refund within 14 days upon activation of their SaferVPN account.

Privacy and Security - Top 5 Best VPN Review

Privacy and Security

This is probably the most important factor when you consider a VPN provider – you want the very best in online security. SaferVPN delivers in this field, its high degree of privacy and security will surely give the user the level of security they want. This VPN provider offers PPTP, L2TP over IPSec, and OpenVPN connections. The PPTP uses 128-bit encryption while L2TP and OpenVPN connections boasts 256-bit encryption keys.

SaferVPN does not keep logs of your activity, but it does collect a time stamp when you connect and disconnect to the VPN service, the amount of data transmitted, the IP address used and the IP address of the individual VPN server that was used. These details are collected for the purpose of managing technicalities and to help prevent fraud and illicit activity.

If you are seeking complete and utter anonymity, then you’ll be pleased to know that SaferVPN accepts Bitcoin as a payment along with many other third party payment providers.

Pricing - Top 5 Best VPN Review


SaferVPN offers the standard three pricing plans, basic, pro and premium – all offering a different number of connections. You can choose to pay monthly or annually, and SaferVPN offers all types of payment methods ranging from PayPal to Bitcoin. Moreover, there is a no fuss 24-hour free trial in addition to the 14-day money-back guarantee mentioned earlier. You can also grab a free month for you and a friend, if you successfully refer them to the service.

Speed - Top 5 Best VPN Review


If there is one thing SaferVPN is not lacking it would be speed. This swift VPN service is undoubtedly a rapid performer, the speed tests show that there is not much of a kickback in speed when connecting to different servers and very little compromise on encryption overhead.

The speed is very consistent and you’ll get to enjoy the same speeds without the encryptions having a noticeable impact on the internet speeds. Perfect for intense HD streaming!

Ease of use - Top 5 Best VPN Review

Ease of Use

Setting up and configuring is very simple, this user-friendly VPN provider has made it as easy as it can possibly be. You can sign up to SaferVPN’s free trial by entering an email address and password, and if you want to continue and enjoy the paid service, you do not need to enter any further details.

The clear-cut, simple and easy to use interface means it is easy to find what you are looking for. The counties are displayed in bold on the left, its functionality allows you to select your favorite countries for future use. A large Connect/Disconnect button changes color based on the VPN status. What is more, it displays the IP address, and the connection protocol info is just a click away.

If there is a negative, it is that the interface can be a little too simple. It is possible that more advanced options, that some users with a high level of technical knowledge may be interested in, are a little harder to locate, in fact, there are not many advanced features at all!

Customer Support - Top 5 Best VPN Review

Customer Support

If you need any support or tech info on the VPN service, your first port of call should be the site’s extensive and searchable knowledge base. Users who experience problems in set-up or configuration not covered there will have to email or chat to the support team via the 24/7 live chat feature, which will inevitably take longer. That being said, the support team is professional and friendly and their response time is pretty good.

Verdict - Top 5 Best VPN Review


Overall, a speedy, reliable, easy to use and well-priced VPN. However, SaferVPN falls short in a couple of areas, the big one being that it does not allow P2P/Torrent access on any of its servers and another being that it uses web filters to prevent users from accessing legal news sites (like and Many users get a VPN so they can access these sites anonymously – SaferVPN are killing off a chunk of their user market by doing this. SaferVPN is relatively new to the market so you would expect drawbacks – where they really shine though is speed and reliability of the service. Ideal for those who want simple, no nonsense security. It is not ideal for those who are torrent users who want more technical features.

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Share Your View

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Andrew is an experienced IT consultant who specializes in internet security. Despite being much in demand by corporations across the globe, his passion for discussing the latest technology means Top 5 VPN users get the benefit of his vast knowledge and experience.
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  • biggles

    “””Unrivalled security- SaferVPN does not record the user’s internet activity and history. There is no logging of data besides the time you connect to, and disconnect from, the VPN service, the IP address used and the bandwidth used.”””

    This is NOT security. As soon as a “big” brother askes for the records you hand them over giving big brother the keys to the kingdom. The “big brother” now knows everything about your surfing negating the entire reason you got a VPN in the first place. Why are these logs needed and how long for? Appalling.
    I won’t be recommending you and your FALSE advertising.


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SaferVPN Review


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