Top 5 VPN Articles & Guides

Selecting and getting the most from a VPN is no easy task for the uninitiated. Our VPN articles and guides will provide you with all the information you need, from how to set up a VPN, to streaming restricted videos and music from the likes of Netflix, Spotify and Hulu. If you have burning questions about VPN services you’ll find all the answers you need right here.

Best VPNs for China

Andrew Marsden | | 61 Likes | 0 Comments
Using a VPN Service in China If you live in China, or travel to China often, you've probably heard of the phrase "The Great Firewall of China". It refers to the censorship of internet content, managed by the Chinese government and operated by the...
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How to Take Back Your Web Privacy Before it is Too Late

Andrew Marsden | | 124 Likes | 0 Comments
Just last month, Congress voted in favor of S.J. Resolution 34 that repeals a long standing FCC ruling related to Internet Service Providers. The resolution rolls back broadband privacy protections concerning your web activity and opens the door for...
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6 Online Privacy and VPN Trends in 2017

Andrew Marsden | | 242 Likes | 1 Comments
VPNs are becoming more and more popular at a rapid pace, and it looks like 2017 is going to have a number of VPN-related trends to look out for. These include governments creating more privacy-related regulations and laws, content continuing to be...
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VPN Benefits – 3 Types of People Who Need a VPN

Sarah Goldstein | | 169 Likes | 0 Comments
Do you travel a lot? Are you a student? Do you love watching movies and TV shows online? If you responded “Yes” to any of those questions, then you should seriously consider getting a VPN. Many people aren’t familiar with VPNs, and even if...
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Risky Mobile Messaging Apps That You Use All the Time

Dilip Prashad | | 191 Likes | 0 Comments
The importance of mobile app security is often overlooked. Most people with a smartphone will use some form of messaging app, such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. By offering fast and easy ways to communicate with others, it makes sense that...
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How to Exempt Websites on your VPN

Walker Rowe | | 189 Likes | 0 Comments
One of the reasons for getting a VPN is to protect your computer or mobile device from external threats, or to hide your browsing activity. So you might be wondering, “Why would I want to exempt a website from a VPN?” There are a number of...
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4 Tips for Secure Mobile Shopping on Cyber Monday

Sarah Goldstein | | 189 Likes | 0 Comments
Every November, as Thanksgiving gets closer, the thought of “holiday shopping” comes to mind. It seems to start sooner and sooner each year, but with the explosion of e-commerce sites and online shopping, finding the perfect gift for everyone on...
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How to Watch BBC iPlayer using a VPN

Andrew Marsden | | 294 Likes | 0 Comments
High quality online media streaming isn’t limited to Netflix and Amazon. BBC iPlayer has been offering a mixture of live and catch-up programming via the BBC website since 2008....
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Why a Mobile VPN is a Must-Have

Andrew Marsden | | 321 Likes | 0 Comments
The internet of 2016 is a very different place from just a decade ago - and we don’t just mean that Harambe was still around then. Everything has gone mobile, and with it, the convenience of using advanced cloud services on-the-go has become part...
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Why Smart Torrent Downloaders Always Use a VPN

Dilip Prashad | | 403 Likes | 0 Comments
It’s no overstatement to say that BitTorrent has changed the way people use the internet. The peer-to-peer file sharing system is so efficient that it excels at delivering large digital files to a wide audience, with near linear scaling. It’s...
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VPN Alternatives: Smart DNS

Dilip Prashad | | 307 Likes | 1 Comments
Have you ever traveled abroad and wished you could watch your favorite shows? If you were denied access to them because you weren’t in your home country, rest assured there’s a fix....
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VPN Alternatives: Proxy Servers

Maria Novak | | 327 Likes | 1 Comments
If you’re looking for a way to access regionally-restricted websites or browse anonymously, a proxy can help you manage the job. So long as you’re fine with limited security, this cheap, and often free, system can solve your problem....
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What Your Internet Connection Knows About You

Dilip Prashad | | 419 Likes | 0 Comments
These days, you can hardly turn on the TV news or check your email without hearing about another password leak at a major website, an incident of criminal hacking, or a further revelation about internet surveillance....
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A Plain English Guide to VPN Protocols

Maria Novak | | 444 Likes | 0 Comments
If you’re thinking about investing in a VPN (Virtual Private Network) you might think there is a lot of information to take in. You may find yourself confused by all the technical jargon or how it all works. You’ll have noticed that different...
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How to Choose the Right VPN Service For Your Needs

Andrew Marsden | | 420 Likes | 4 Comments
Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are becoming increasingly popular amongst hardcore web users, paranoid torrent abusers, and general internet users who want to feel a little bit safer online. There are plenty of VPN providers out there, all offering...
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How a VPN Works and Why You Need It

Dilip Prashad | | 481 Likes | 2 Comments
In today’s online world your data is never completely safe. We’re always connected, which means somehow, somewhere, someone can access our information. We’re a generation dependent of online connectivity, we need it, we yearn for it, we...
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