Choosing The Best VPN For Your Needs

A VPN is a WAN (Wide Area Network). It works a bit like a firewall, but the main difference is that it disguises your network. It gives you an alternate physical location, and changes your IP information, allowing you to slip through content filters and government censorship. You could be in London but your network suggests you’re in New Jersey.

VPNs use a number of connections and encryption protocols to generate virtual P2P connections – thus, defending your data from potential threats. With a VPN how to establish this secure link is important to know. Say you want to access your private company network remotely – you connect to the internet through the usual ISP, then proceed to link your VPN with the company’s VPN server using client software. The client software connects and gives you remote access to your company’s precious data – securely, of course.


There are plenty of VPN providers to choose from. Although they share many similarities, each VPN offers something different with a different level of security. Although you can find free VPNs, these are usually compromised in terms of bandwidth, range of protocols, and encryption. The cost of a VPN service usually runs between $6 and $15 per month. Many offer a free test period or money-back guarantee, so there’s no need to fear being stuck with a VPN service you’re unhappy with. You’re data is precious, so you want to be able to trust your VPN security!

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