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  • author: Maria Novak
  • 14.01.19
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VyprVPN has been around since 2009, and the Golden Frog internet freedom consortium it’s a part of was established in 1994. This speedy, reliable and intuitive Virtual Private Network service is full of features. The VyprVPN network boasts 700 servers across 6 continents and 64 countries, with over 200,000 IP addresses!

  • Servers in 64 countries
  • Unmetered Bandwidth and Server Switches
  • Multiple Encryption Protocols
  • 30-Days money back guarantee

Plans & Pricing

Like most VPN providers there are 2 pricing options. The basic package offers only 3 simultaneous connections whereas the Premium option offers 5 simultaneous connections, the VyprVPN Cloud and Chameleon Protocol.

There are plenty of payment options including American Express, MasterCard, Diners Club, PayPal and Alipay.

Features & Functionality

VyprVPN brings years of experience to the table. This VPN provider manages all its own networks and writes all its source codes internally. Users can expect a good level of online privacy and security on top of solid connection speeds. VyprVPN’s fully fledged features and outstanding customer attention will surely satisfy.

Self-Managed Servers

VyprVPN prides itself on managing all its own servers. With 700 servers located in 64 countries worldwide. If this is true then this VPN can deliver extra levels of protection and a speedier performance.

Zero Logging

VyprVPN utilizes its own VyprDNS and therefore has no need to rely on ISP or other third party DNS servers. The DNS has been built from the ground up, developed with zero-logging to increase privacy and protection. It’s worth mentioning that the VyprVPN applications logs connection but this is apparently for the purpose of preventing technical issues.

Unmetered Bandwidth and Server Switches

The VPN provider gives its users unmetered bandwidth and server switches, allowing users the freedom to access the internet at any time without restrictions. It’s also ideal for streaming HD content from services such as Netflix.

Multiple Encryption Protocols

VyprVPN has OpenVPN (160-bit and 256-bit), PPTP (128-bit) and L2TP (256-bit) protocols available. It also has its own VyprVPN exclusive proprietary encryption protocol called Chameleon (256-bit). This unblockable Chameleon technology scrambles the packet metadata to mask data from DPI in order to bypass any content restrictions.

Device Compatibility

VyprVPN supports Windows, iOS, Mac OS and Android. Its user friendly apps mean you can connect to VyprVPN with complete simplicity. The VyprVPN website also provides manual setup instructions for Linux.

Privacy and Security

VyprVPN is based in Switzerland, which means it’s outside both EU and US jurisdiction. However, their actual physical location is in the US which mean they are liable in the US – they also respond to DCMA requests with each customer being given a two-strike rule!

VyprVPN keep logs for 30 days, the security structure is based on the fact that they manage their own servers and write their own code. VyprVPN only use shared IP addresses. They have 200,000 IP addresses that customers can connect to. Each time a customer connects to a server they will be issued a new IP address.

Their own in-built Chameleon technology, which masks VPN traffic (via deep packet inspection), without hindering speeds is their best feature when it comes to privacy and security.


It runs at a fantastic speed, with no noticeable difference with the Chameleon technology running in the background. The bandwidth is strong and so performance is good when streaming video content. However, it displays a slightly worrisome message when it’s run against a DNS Leak test:

“When a customer uses a leak test it will never show a Golden Frog network as the source.  This is a privacy feature designed to prevent DNS manipulation of requests coming from Golden Frog.  No customer related information leaves our network or systems.”

Customer Support

The customer support is outstanding, and it’s exactly what you’d expect from the well-established Golden Frog internet brand. The 24/7/365 live support and email support has a fast response time and promises to resolve all issues swiftly. One setback is that they don’t have remote desktop services but they make up for it in speed, professionalism and technical knowledge.

Ease of Use

It’s straightforward to get signed on, requiring only a name and email address, along with payment details. The beautifully sleek software interface of VyprVPN features a ‘connect or disconnect’ button and it displays the connection status so you’re aware of what’s going on. The upload and download speeds are also displayed, along with the IP address, the connection time and the protocol info.

The Windows client is easy to navigate and the settings can be changed in a breeze. The task bar makes everything nice and simple for the user while providing access to a range of VPN settings. It’s a real joy to use, no issue in setup or running the VPN.

Final Word

VyprVPN is a standout VPN provider in today’s market, an excellent choice for getting around government restrictions and for using streaming services, and the security offerings are likely to satisfy most users.

Maria Novak

Our senior reviewer, Maria, has been tinkering with computers since a childhood spent in her father’s workshop. Her passion for technology – and her ability to explain complex concepts in an approachable way – is unequaled. She is a regular contributor to the Top 5 VPN blog.

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