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Overview - Top 5 Best VPN Review


PureVPN is one of the most popular VPN software providers on the market, with many features, great prices, and high streaming speeds. PureVPN boasts more than the usual number of servers, currently offering users over 500 around the world which can easily be accessed through multiple VPN connection types for highly secure browsing, streaming, and gaming on nearly any type of device. It’s no wonder there are over 1 million PureVPN users around the world.

  • Compatible with over 20 devices
  • Servers in 141 countries
  • 24/7 chat and email support
  • Advanced online security
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Features - Top 5 Best VPN Review


PureVPN offers many different security and entertainment features to provide a truly comprehensive product for anyone looking for a top-notch VPN service.

Virtual Router

The virtual router is a feature that PureVPN provides and it works within the Windows application. It basically converts your desktop or laptop computer into a virtual router. Once it does that, you can connect up to 10 devices to your computer, just like any other router.

The virtual router feature was designed to work with older versions of Windows, but there are instructions available on the PureVPN support page with instructions for connecting to Windows 10.

Compatible With Over 20 Devices

One of the things that make PureVPN such a popular choice is its compatibility with nearly every device. Users can use it with SmartTV and Apple TV, Android and iOS devices, XBOX, and even Blackberry, among many others.

Unmetered Data Transfer

Some VPN software providers limit the amount of data users can stream or access. PureVPN allows unmetered data transfer and bandwidth regardless of the package your purchase.


PureVPN has a split-tunneling feature which allows users to decide what data to send through the VPN and what to send through their regular ISP (Internet Service Provider). This allows users to conserve bandwidth where possible. The feature is currently in beta, and may not be compatible with Windows 8/10.

256-bit Data Encryption

With security being one of the main reasons to purchase a VPN service, it’s important to take a closer look at what encryption levels your VPN provider offers. PureVPN uses military-grade encryption up to 256-bit in order to secure users’ data and privacy.

Dedicated Streaming

The “Dedicated Streaming” feature is an add-on that increases streaming speeds. Speed can be increased by up to 20Mbps, although users are required to have an existing minimum download speed of 4Mbps.

Privacy and Security - Top 5 Best VPN Review

Privacy and Security

PureVPN offers a range of features that are aimed solely at protecting users’ privacy and data. In addition to 256-bit encryption, PureVPN provides multiple protocols, including OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, SSTP, and IKEv2 for various devices. Wi-Fi security is provided on any hotspot, so even public access points can be used securely without worrying about hackers or malware. The OpenVPN protocol is used to bypass firewalls in certain countries.

PureVPN also offers a dedicated IP is as an add-on for users who want complete control over their security.

Pricing - Top 5 Best VPN Review


PureVPN offers different subscriptions as well as a number of add-ons. Under its current promotion, PureVPN offers a one-month subscription for $10.95, six months for $7.95/month, and a two-year subscription that’s only $2.45 a month. There are multiple add-ons available as well including NAT Firewall, dedicated IP, Dedicated IP with DDoS Protection, Enterprise Grade Security, P2P Protection, and Wouter. All users get a 7-day money back guarantee, subject to terms & conditions.

Speed - Top 5 Best VPN Review


PureVPN calls itself “The World’s Fastest VPN Service”, and they have earned that title. Not only do the servers provide uncompromised speed on streaming and gaming sites, but they have an additional feature that boosts streaming speed even more.

When used on gaming consoles and mobile devices, streaming on Netflix, and on other free streaming websites, it showed no delay and reached HD levels very quickly. In addition, connecting to servers or moving from server to server is done in one click and is very fast. The software itself is not intrusive in any way and is a great way to watch movies or play games that require a high-speed connection.

Ease of use - Top 5 Best VPN Review

Ease of Use

PureVPN has a very easy installation process and is designed for users that do not have a technical background. The settings, which are usually only configured by tech-savvy users on other VPN products, are configured in the beginning after installing and can be done by users of any technical level. The software simply asks the user what they intend on using the software for (file sharing, streaming, security, privacy, etc.) and uses that information to choose the best settings for the user.

PureVPN offers dedicated software for Windows and Mac OS, as well as apps for Android, iPhone and iPad. In addition, it provides full manual setup instructions for a further 15 or so operating systems and devices, including Linux, Blackberry, PS3 and Apple TV.

The interface itself is very simple and looks good. There is a short menu on the left and users can click “Global Map” to view the available servers as a list or a visual map. Users can also mark any server as a favorite by simply clicking the star next to it for faster access in the future. The dashboard, which is the main screen, shows users where they are currently connected and for how long.

If you do have a technical background and want to set more advanced configurations, you can do so to your heart’s content via the settings menu.

Customer Support - Top 5 Best VPN Review

Customer Support

The support offered by PureVPN is also one of their great assets. They have a support center with easily searchable information and loads of tutorials on how to install the software on different devices and explanations about features and security capabilities. Users can send support tickets to the staff, or contact them via live chat, which is available 24/7. Chat representatives answer within seconds and help users resolve any problems they may have.

Verdict - Top 5 Best VPN Review


All in all, PureVPN is a very popular choice for many reasons, and it’s well worth considering when choosing your VPN service. The subscription prices are among the lowest in the market, with add-ons available in addition to the already advanced and very comprehensive features in the regular subscriptions.

Support is available around the clock whenever you need it, and the VPN client itself works exceptionally well. The interface is easy to use and can be configured by tech-savvy people, while also being simple for those without a tech background. The security and privacy features ensure safe browsing and streaming, and the fast speeds make this a top choice for nearly any type of user.

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Dilip Prashad
Dilip is a technology journalist and blogger, with an intuitive understanding of what makes a great piece of consumer software. He may speak tech as a first language, but he’s also an expert at breaking down even the most complex concepts in a way that anyone can understand.
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  • maurice guy

    Hi I am paying a monthly subscription but have lost my sign in details and password. I sent an email to you over a week ago without response.

  • Teresa Ayto

    Purevpn are shocking, their client is buggy their servers slow and the online support is like a circus 12 wasted hours with support to still have the same issues none of the staff communicate with each no one knows what the other staff have already tried they dont reply to emails for hours they close live chat windows with out even resolving the issue .. terrible
    have had nothing but trouble with their service since i got it and am requesting a refund from them not gettign what i paid for at all.

  • Chris

    This VPN is no good, weekends forget about getting any speed. Big waste of money.

  • Jack Boehmer

    Roku compatible ?

  • Iggy

    This can not be loaded on the Amazon Fire Tv Stick. Only loads to your wireless router.

  • Philip

    Does not work for Netflix in Canada trying to watch us netfix

  • rainrainrain

    Never in my life will I ever go back to PureVPN. Full of crap and false promises. Happy now with the services Astrill is providing me. The speed and security they’re giving me are incomparable to PureVPN.

  • biggles

    I am unsure why these reviews don’t mention what the VPN provider logs and will give up to “big brother” when asked. Its a massive selling/kill point. One of the other vpns on this list log everything but where you surf and claim they are protecting you. They log your email, bandwidth, times, the ip address you are given, the entire farm …

  • Siam

    Hi Does Pure VPN work well for accessing Aus Geo blocked free to air tv channels for example channels 7 & 9 from Thailand ?

  • Heidi

    Hi. Does this VPN work in The Middeleast, more specific Saudi Arabia? I need a VPN to use FaceTime, Skype or messenger as telefoni? Happy new year to you

    • Dilip


      PureVPN is a great choice if you need a VPN to access communications apps like Skype from Saudi Arabia. It’s compatible with loads of devices and there are hundreds of servers around the world.
      Sign up today and you’ll get a great New Years offer! Click here for more details.


  • hiro

    Unfortunately, PureVPN is useless for viewing IPTV from Japan. I live in th US and tried their OpenVPN connections for viewing contents from a few major IPTV providers in Japan:
    1) netflix.com (NETFLIX Japan) – I can log on, browse content menus, etc., but viewing movies is disabled saying “You appear to be using an unblocker or a proxy for viewing region-restricted contents from outside of the service area. Please turn off the service.”
    2) hulu.jp (hulu Japan) – I can browse content menus, but viewing movies is disabled saying “Your IP address shows that you are using an anonymous proxy tool for viewing region-restricted contents. You cannot do so from outside of the service region.”
    3) amazon.co.jp (Amazon Video in Japan) – No problem. I can view complete movies.
    4) gyao.yahoo.co.jp (ex-Yusen IPTV) – No problem. I can view complete movies.
    It appears that PureVPN’s servers in Japan are found in a list of well-known cheaters that major content providers do care.
    I am a network-savvy IT engineer and have two other VPN connections to Japan, both of which can view the above services (and a few more–if not all) that is otherwise impossible without VPN.
    The tech support over chat and customer support over mail are friendly and helpful. They tried to resolve my issues, and, after all, promptly arranged cancellation of my one-day-old subscription.

  • paul

    Hi Dilip, do purevpn have a killswitch

    • Dilip

      Hi Paul,

      Good news, PureVPN DOES have a killswitch feature, which you can enable and adjust from the software.

      There’s plenty of info in the PureVPN support section.

      You can get started with PureVPN here.



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  • Overall
    Browsing Speed
    Ease Of Use
    Customer Support
    Excellent VPN

    Not sure about those dodgy negative reviews. Have been with PureVPN for a few months with no complaints. One isolated connection problem was resolved very quickly. Speed has been excellent and the pricing is great too. As an actual customer (and not an armchair critic screeching from the sidelines), I would commend PureVPN to others.


PureVPN Review